Please connect wallet for staking.

This site is on beta version please use it at your own risk.

Minimum lock time 48 hours

1% fee for staking.

Approve staking contract to stake your lp tokens

0.33% fee for unstaking.


Tips regarding your transactions:

1- For a quicker transaction time, edit your transaction fee and choose the "Fast" option.

2- If you want to manually cancel a transaction just go in your Metamask Settings / Advanced and Enable Nonce. Then create a new transaction, select a Fast Fee, click Next, and in the next window add the nonce of the transaction you want to cancel which you will find in etherscan details of the transaction.

  • Wallet ...
  • Contract ...
  • My Balance ... BSCCROP LP
  • Staked ... BSCCROP LP
  • Total Earned ... BSCCROP LP
  • Pending ... BSCCROP LP
  • View Transaction History on Etherscan
  • Total Supply ... BSCCROP
  • Total Staked ... BSCCROP
  • Total Rewards Claimed (ALL) ...
  • Circulating Supply ... BSCCROP